100 Word Fiction is a newer journal and part of Prolific Press, an established and beloved publisher in the USA. We consider publishing nearly any fiction genre as long as the body of the work is exactly 100 words. We use Microsoft Word to check word counts prior to publication. We will not publish erotica or political works.

We charge a $2.50 reading fee to submit up to 5 individual submissions online (.50 each). 

A verified PayPal account is NOT required to pay for online submissions. If you don’t have a PayPal account, just click the button to pay by credit or debit card when the PayPal window is presented. Once a writer pays the $2.50 fee to submit to our publication, you have 7 days to post your 5 individual 100 Word Fiction submissions for consideration. After 7 days, any unused submission credits are forfeited. No refunds are given. If your submission is accepted, your professional payment is sent by PayPal to the same email account you provided when making your submission payment. We do not send payments to third parties.

We no longer accept any submissions by regular mail.


All journals have some financial strategy to stay afloat, and those decisions are often difficult trade-offs.
What are our trade-offs?

* We pay professional rates by PayPal: .05/word ($5.00 for 100 words).
* Submissions fees are among the lowest: as low as 50 cents each to submit online.
* 100 Word Fiction is free to read online as part of our commitment to support the arts and make great fiction available to everyone regardless of income.

* Although we do plan to publish a paperback anthology once or twice a year, we do not send free paperbacks to paid contributors.

By submitting, you are acknowledging these terms:

1. By submitting, you are offering your 100 Word Fiction submission for immediate publication and you are assuring the publisher that your submission will not be withdrawn. You are asserting your submission is available to print and has not been previously printed/published elsewhere. You assert that your submission is the final draft and is ready to print, and that the publisher can print it without notice and pay you in a timely manner for your 100 Word Fiction submission.

2. You affirm your submission is your own creation and no part of your submission is in the public domain.

3. You may submit only one individual work of fiction with each submission.

4. 100 Word Fiction and Prolific Press Inc. have the right to accept the submission and print it immediately without significant edits. In the case that significant edits are requested, an email request will be made to the writer and the work will not be published unless and until both the writer and press agree to move forward.

5.. Each submission is exactly 100 words. The title is not counted as part of the submission. Microsoft Word is used to determine the word count by the publisher. In the event that the publisher determines a submission is worthy of publication but not exactly 100 words, the editor is granted the right to make incidental changes that are insignificant to the storyline in order to correct the word count on behalf of the writer, and such changes are assumed approved by the writer without soliciting special permission.

6. Any paperback discounts or other offerings extended to contributors are offered out of goodwill and not out of obligation. Professional payment for each accepted submission (.05/word by PayPal) is the only agreed payment for accepted submissions.

7. Payments are made to writers in a timely manner. Payments are calculated at .05/word. No payment for a single submission will exceed $5.00(USD). We process payments in batches, and depending on the date of publication, it may take up to two months for scheduled payments to complete. It is generally much faster. Please send any payment inquiries to the publisher only after waiting an appropriate amount of time. In the event that PayPal charges any fees to accept or send payments, Prolific Press Inc. will pay the fees to send payments. Any fees to receive payments, including but not limited to country currency conversions, are the responsibility of the recipient.

8. The publisher, having paid for the rights to the submission, retains future rights to publish and exploit the 100 Word Fiction submission in any form. The writer retains the right to reprint the work in print form with a customary acknowledgement and without seeking permission from the publisher.

9. Most submissions are not accepted for publication. Reading fees or donations are not payments for publication. You acknowledge that 100 Word Fiction chooses which submissions to accept or reject based on our own criteria. Publication is competitive, and reading fees for rejected submissions will not be refunded.

10. Online submissions may be silently rejected without notice. You must return to check the status of your submissions by logging into your account dashboard using the same tool you used when sending your submission to 100 Word Fiction. With your account open, click the link marked “Posts” to see all your submissions and the status of each submission. Accepted submissions result in an automated email notification sent to the account email address of the writer. Payments to writers are made using an automated process that may take up to two months. Email deliverability of acceptance notices is not guaranteed. Check your spam box. Accepted submissions are listed in your account dashboard and show a green “LIVE” status.