There is no charge to submit by U.S. Mail but writers are required to have a verified PayPal account to submit by mail. Mailed submissions from writers that do not have a verified PayPal account will be discarded. If you do not have a verified PayPal account, and you wish to submit, you must use the online method to submit.

If you do submit by U.S. mail, and your submission is provisionally accepted, we will attempt to send the professional payment for your submission to the PayPal email address you provided with your submission. When we attempt payment, PayPal will display whether the account is verified or not. If it is determined that the email address you supplied is not associated with a verified PayPal account, the submission will be rejected without comment. Like all presses, we require that you carefully follow the submission rules. If you do not understand what a verified PayPal account is, please contact PayPal directly – we cannot assist you with that. We hope to add more options in the future. We will not ignore this policy because you ask to be paid another way or not at all. This policy allows us to verify who we are publishing, and ensures everyone is paid using the tools we employ at our business.

Be sure to include your contact information in every submission by mail, including your real name, pen name (if any), real mailing address, real phone number, and your verified PayPal email address (DO NOT include your PayPal password! Never give that to anyone.) We will make one effort to email you with a publishing determination regarding your submission. Always check your spam folder. Please do not send inquiries. After 90 days, assume the submission was rejected if you do not hear back. Incomplete submissions or those that don’t follow the rules will be discarded without comment. You can submit up to 5 separate submissions each month by U.S. Mail.

By Mail: Only one individual submission per envelope!
Address your submission to:
P.O. Box 5315
Johnstown, PA 15904